Waiver Services


The CHJC Waiver Services Program

Designed specifically for at-risk children, youth and adults to provide community-based health care services and support to individuals with a mental health diagnosis, substance abuse disorder, at risk for displacement from home and community or higher level of care without intervention.

Waiver Services provided include:

  • Other Licensed Provider (OLP), a service designed to assist in the assessment and treatment process of individuals age birth to 21-years old to aid in accessing waiver services.
  • State Designated Entity (SDE) recognizing that as a Care Management Agency (CMA), CHJC is equipped to work with individuals enrolled in a Health and Recovery Plan (HARP). This provides assessment and Plan of Care development as a contracted Recovery Coordination Agency (RCA) with various Medicaid Managed Care Plans (MMCPs). The service is designed to assist in the assessment process of individuals age 18-years or older to aid in accessing Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services (BH-HCBS).
  • Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment (CPST) for children, youth and adults of all ages
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) for children, youth and adults of all ages