Therapeutic Crisis Respite Program (TCRP)



CHJC’s Therapeutic Crisis Respite Program (TCRP) is a short-term residential respite program designed to support youth and their families in achieving safety and stability. TCRP provides 24/7 supervision, skill building for youth and their families, connections and referrals to community supports, and crisis stabilization services to youth.

TCRP emphasizes keeping youth connected to their communities, families, and natural supports. While in the program, youth continue engaging in family activities, existing schooling, and services with existing providers.

TCRP is designed to promote community based care, and maintains an emphasis on reintegrating youth into their homes as soon as the youth and family have the skills and supports in place to complete a safe and effective transition to community based services. The respite program can be used for up to 28 days per year, spread over one or more respite stays.

Youth ages 5 through 17 experiencing a mental health crisis and requiring 24-hour supervision, but not meeting admission criteria for hospitalization, are eligible for TCRP services. TCRP is a Medicaid program, but youth who do not have a Medicaid or managed Medicaid insurance option are encouraged to reach out to the program to discuss their options for accessing TCRP services.

TCRP Services include crisis intervention, individual, family, and group therapy, mental health assessments, therapeutic recreation, and crisis and safety planning. The program also assists with referrals to follow-up care such as Care Coordination, Child and Family Treatment and Support Services, Mental Health Therapy, and Medication Management.

For more information, contact:
Therapeutic Crisis Respite Referral at (315) 955-9062