Youth Health & Wellness


Youth Health & Wellness Programs at CHJC

The emotional and behavioral health of our youth is just as important as their physical health. CHJC is here to help children of all ages and their families learn to cope with an emotional and behavioral health crisis and to utilize necessary services to maintain it long-term.

Our Programs

Child Care Coordination of Northern NY

Is the process of everyone working together to help children and their families achieve wellness. To reduce the risk of long-term inpatient treatment, to minimize use of emergency services, and to link children, youth, and families to community based services and support systems.

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Community Clinic

Offers mental health services to children and adults in Northern New York.

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Crisis Response

Are You Experiencing a Crisis? Call us 24/7 at 315-782-2327. Free and confidential service offered for residents in Jefferson County, New York.

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Single Point of Access (SPOA) for Children

Linking children and their families to services which best meet their needs.

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Waiver Services Program

Is designed specifically for at-risk children, youth and adults to provide community-based health care services and support to individuals with a mental health diagnosis, substance abuse disorder, at risk for displacement from home and community or higher level of care without intervention.

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