Child Care Coordination of NNY


A CHJC Community-Based Program

Child Care Coordination of Northern NY is the process of everyone working together to help children and their families achieve wellness. To reduce the risk of long-term inpatient treatment, to minimize use of emergency services, and to link children, youth, and families to community based services and support systems.

  • Assists children and their families with locating doctors, resources, and needed supports
  • Helps children and families manage their health and wellness needs
  • Helps empower children and families in regards to their wellness
  • Sets goals and helps children and families achieve them
  • Meets with the children and families based on individual needs
  • Medicaid accepted
  • Serves ages birth through 18
  • Accepting provider and self-referrals

For more information call (315) 788-7430 or fill out our online contact form for Care Coordination.