CHJC’s Kristen VanHorn Nominated for Children’s Behavioral Health Employee of the Year 2023

CHJC’s Kristen VanHorn Nominated for Children’s Behavioral Health Employee of the Year 2023

Watertown – Kristen VanHorn, a dedicated Youth and Family Engagement Specialist, has been nominated for the prestigious Children’s Behavioral Health Employee of the Year program for 2023.

Kristen’s nomination stems from her remarkable contributions and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of children and families in Northern New York. Over the past year, she has utilized her extensive experience as a Youth and Family Engagement Specialist in CHJC’s Therapeutic Crisis Respite Program to deliver essential ongoing and crisis response mental health services directly to children and families within their homes, schools, and communities.

Known for her readiness to embrace new challenges, Kristen stepped up to fulfill a critical need in the Community School Liaison Program, showcasing her willingness to immerse herself in any situation, no matter how challenging. Her ability to maintain composure, provide insightful guidance, and strategize effectively in high-stress scenarios has been instrumental in assisting numerous families through difficult circumstances. Kristen’s efforts have resulted in the establishment of community-based support networks and safety plans, effectively preventing unnecessary emergency room visits and advocating for the least restrictive care for those in need.

Beyond her direct interactions with families, Kristen actively engages in continuous professional development, participating in specialized training focused on trauma-informed care, crisis response, and school-based mental health interventions. Her dedication to ongoing learning extends to mentoring incoming employees and sharing her expertise and knowledge in the field of community-based work. Notably, Kristen has mentored three new staff members while consistently delivering high-quality care to families.

Looking ahead, Kristen remains committed to enhancing her skills and expertise by enrolling in a comprehensive crisis training program, to become a Certified Crisis Response Training Specialist for CHJC.

The nomination for the Children’s Behavioral Health Employee of the Year stands as a testament to Kristen VanHorn’s exceptional dedication, unwavering commitment, and outstanding contributions to the field of child and family mental health.

The award ceremony took place on November 28, 2023, at 11:30 am at the Saratoga Hilton in Saratoga Springs, New York, hosted by the NYS Coalition for Children’s Behavioral Health.

About Kristen VanHorn:

Kristen VanHorn is a passionate provider of Child and Family Treatment and Support Services and a School Crisis Liaison, nominated for the Children’s Behavioral Health Employee of the Year Program for 2023. Her commitment to delivering comprehensive mental health support to children and families in Northern New York reflects her dedication and exceptional service in the field. Kristen’s proactive approach, adaptability, and continuous pursuit of excellence exemplify her commitment to the well-being of those she serves.

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