The Community Clinic of Jefferson County (CCJC) Announces Tobacco Dependence Treatment Policy Implementation

The Community Clinic of Jefferson County (CCJC) is pleased to announce that we have implemented an enhancement to our tobacco dependence treatment policy based on Public Health Service Guidelines. We have partnered with the Central New York (CNY) Regional Center for Tobacco Health Systems at St. Joseph’s Health; CCJC is committed to implementing evidence-based tobacco dependence screening and treatment to all clients we serve. The Children’s Home of Jefferson County’s (CHJC) President/CEO, Dr. Marianne DiMatteo; Clinic Manager, Natalie Barraco; and several CCJC staff have been instrumental in the success of this policy implementation. This successful implementation will enhance our ability to screen for and treat Tobacco Use Disorder (TUD) by allowing us to screen for TUD and determine client’s readiness to quit, periodically.

The CNY Regional Center for Tobacco Health Systems works with medical and behavioral health systems throughout Central New York as well as portions of Northern New York, to establish system-wide policies to screen for and treat Tobacco Use Disorder, which disproportionately impacts behavioral health clients. Joel Schuyler, Program Specialist for CNY Regional Center for Tobacco Health Systems, and Danielle O’Brien, Coordinator for the CNY Regional Center for Tobacco Health Systems, provided training on evidence-based strategies for treating tobacco use and dependence, addiction emerging products (like electronic cigarettes), cessation medications, the 5As, how to help patients make a quit plan, and resources. Their support and technical assistance allowed our team to fulfill our commitment to our clients and fully enact the identified enhancements to bring our policy and our practice into alignment with best practice guidelines.

In addition to being best practice, CCJC is aware that tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. Smoking kills 28,000 New Yorkers annually, and approximately 750,000 adult New Yorkers live with smoking related illnesses. We know most people who smoke or use electronic cigarettes want to stop. Quitting smoking is hard but smokers can increase their chances of success with help. Quitting smoking can have profound benefits on current and long-term health at any age, even among heavy and lifelong smokers. When smokers team up with their healthcare provider, long-term quit rates more than double.

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