Non-Secure Detention


Non-Secure Detention (NSD)

The Non-Secure Detention Program is a temporary, short-term program for youth ages of 10 and 17, who cannot be safely maintained in their community while awaiting Family Court action, placement into Foster Care, or entrance into a treatment facility.

  • The program provides a safe, structured, environment, with 24-hour supervision
  • Youth are provided a wide variety of on-Campus programs to include education, recreation, clinical groups, and life skills
  • All youth have the opportunity for weekly, supervised, on-campus visits with their parents or legal guardians
  • Weekly Team Meetings are held with the NSD staff, supervisors, and caseworkers, to discuss the youth’s status, any issues related to the youth, and the discharge plan for the youth

For more information, call (315) 214-1503 or fill out our online contact form for Residential Programs.